Book Stop Bordeaux

Spring is a special time in Bordeaux in France. After the chill and darkness of winter fade away, the world opens up—days are longer, open air markets sell fresh asparagus and strawberries, and festivals abound.

Two wonderful festivals are Printemps des Vins—Springtime of Wines—in our home town of Blaye, and L’Escale du Livre—the Book Stop—in the city of Bordeaux. The photos and video below are from that book festival, as well as from Bordeaux city, which is a 45-minute drive from Blaye.

I spent a night in Bordeaux and visited the festival. This visit always includes having lunch on the terrace of Café Saint-Croix and enjoying a glass of white wine from the Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux.

This year my only book purchase was on Bordeaux and its Vineyards—from the book division of Sud-Ouest newspaper.

Years ago at this book festival I unexpectedly met author Gilles Berdin, who writes books in French and English about prominent winemakers.

Gilles has introduced me to many renowned winemakers in the region, including at Château Angelus, Château D’Arsac and Château Haut Marbuzet. I’ve written about Gilles, and about all of these wine châteaux (click the links above).

As for my own recent reading—I am still working on The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follett, as well as Best Food Writing 2021, and I recently finished reading Once A Thief by Christopher Reich.

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