Epic Brian Boru Movie in the Making

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Inland from the site of Ireland’s most epic battle

In 2005 I traveled to Beal Boru in Ireland to research Brian Boru – Ireland’s greatest chieftain – to write my book River of Ireland.  I was hoping someone would make the movie to celebrate the thousand year anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf – which took place on Easter Day, 1014.  Apparently they are.  Click on any of the following:

Irish Independent Article

RTE article

Cork Independent Article

Raised as a shepherd boy, Boru became Ireland’s greatest chieftain…

During that trip I spent a week traveling alongside the Shannon River. I visited sites to research chapters regarding Boru, as well as other stories based on Irish history – including the Spanish Armada ships that wrecked off Ireland’s coast.  When the trip ended, I still needed another week to finish gathering information. Fortunately, I soon unexpectedly ended up with a few months off between work contracts and returned to Ireland to finish the ‘field research.’  This included interviewing a genetic archaeologist at Dublin’s Trinity College to learn what animals roamed across Ireland a few thousand years BC – the point where my book begins. I also hiked the Shannon callows – low floodplains – with a biologist to find out more about local endangered birds for another chapter.  And though it was still winter and the Brian Boru center was closed, the manager drove down and opened the doors for me so I could do more research.

The Irish Sea – less bloody than one thousand years ago…

River of Ireland is a fictional book based on multiple real key events that shaped the history of Ireland.  One chapter is about the uncanny, inspiring story of Brian Boru.  I’m looking forward to a movie coming out that does justice to this chieftain who united Ireland, and drove out Viking invaders.

If you want to read another fictional book woven around the story of this great chieftain of Ireland, try Lion of Ireland, by Llywelyn Morgan.  She writes some excellent and acclaimed fiction about Ireland.











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