05.13.: Roundwood Press is Live!

05.13: Contributing Artists for Roundwood Press

05.13: 16 Writing Tips

05.13.: Bubbles, Bocce Ball, and Book Launch

06.13.: Wandering Italy with Hermann Hesse

06.13.: Video from Roundwood Country

06.13.: Leadership Lessons from an Irish Chieftain

07.13.: Namibian Magic

07.13.: Watchful in a War Zone

07.13.: Book Review – Inferno by Dan Brown

07.13.: The Synchronous Trail

08.13.: Epic Brian Boru Movie in the Making

08.13.: Book Review: Wave – A Memoir of Life After the Tsunami

09.13.: Book Reviews – Volcano, Bliss, Travel

09.13.: How Wonderful is Malawi – Warm Heart of Africa?

09.13.: Fresh Tips about Self Publishing, Marketing, Life

10.13.: Video Preview of the Book – Trailing Tara

10.13.: New Paul Theroux Book about Africa

10.13.: Cycling to Dun Aengus in Western Ireland

11.13.: New Fiction Book from Tom Mullen – Dreams, Murder, History

11.13.: Books, Booze, and Branding

12.13.: Finding Home in Burgundy

12.13.: Images from the Warm Heart of Africa – Malawi

12.13.: Saigon – a Good Read

01.14.: Books about the Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan

02.14.: Orla’s Code – How a London Author is Reinventing Herself

02.14.: The Cookbook that Shaped Italy’s Language

03.14.: What’s the Value of Writing?

03.14.: Echo-Bravo Spells – Ebola

04.14.: Thousand Years Since Ireland’s Battle of Clontarf

04.14.: Vine Videos – and Books

05.14.: Great writing about….End of the World

05.14.: Censorship in China

06.14.: Bookstores in the Heart of Italy

07.14.: Why Read or Write an Eco-Thriller?

08.14.: Steaming Along Lake Malawi

08.14.: Bar Fight, and a Renegade from Battle – First Chapters from River of Dreams

09.14.: Tribute to an Irish Artist

10.14.: Whatever Happened to Warren Weinstein?

10.14.: Mystery in the Wicklow Hills

12.14.: Stockholm’s Adapting Book Scene

12.14.: Irish Inspiration

01.14.: Blessington Book Store – Thriving in a Digital World

02.15.: Je Suis, Charlie

03.15.: No Luxury of Indecision

03.15.: Wild Research from the Wilds of New Mexico

04.15.: River of Dreams – Reviewed by the University of Durham

05.15.: Life Scoring

05.15.: Drone Footage

06.15.: The Power of Coincidence

08.15.: New Book – And Background

08.15.: New Book about Food and Wine

09.15.: Coincidental Trails

09.15.: Recipes, and Clash of Methods

10.15.: Leaving France

10.15.: Hearing the Past

11.15.: Lost in Canyonlands

11.15.: The Strangely Simple Rules of Life

12.15.: The Impact of Lunch on Civilization

12.15.: Thrillers, and Wonderfully Messy Edamame

12.15.: A Strange Failure in Success

01.16.: Roughest Town in the West

02.16: Two Worthwhile Books – Food and Interviews

03.16.: The Controlled Trickle that Saves Lives

04.16.: Bordeaux Book Festival

04.16.: The Big Power of Small Changes

05.16.: Life Lessons – Revealed by Rivers

05.16.: Dying to Travel – A Memorial Momento

06.16.: Time to Read, and Writing for Forbes

06.16.: Pictures From Europe – 85 Years Ago

07.16.: Wish List

08.16.: Words of Success from the Kitchen

08.16.: Originality, Power Morning Minutes, Fresh Bread, and Words from Gurus

09.16.: Luck, Success and the Bizarre Fortunes of Chef Marco Pierre White

10.16.: 37 Boxes … What We Value Most

11.16.: Moon, Ocean, Books: Jules Verne and The Surprising City of Nantes

11.16.: Powerful Lessons From Mr. Twain and Mr. Wouk

12.16.: How A Dubai Poolside Afternoon Led to Living in France (Also – Advice from Authors)

12.16.: The Hunger to Read, and Worthwhile Festivals

12.16.: Life Lessons from 2016

02.17.: Digging for Dinosaurs in Montana

03.17.: Is That Book In Your Hand Advertising Coca-Cola?

03.17.: The French Version Of The Book Borrow Box

04.17.: Freedom of Press! And Guest Photographer – Liberté de La Presse! Et Photographe Invité… from Roundwood Press

05.17.: What Is Success? A Few Observations…

05.17.: Vineyard Hospitality

06.17.: The Train Ride That Changed Life

07.17.: How Morocco and the Atlas Mountains Changed Life

07.17.: 1.5 Minutes To Another Universe

08.17.: Crazy Numbers, Big Thinking, and God

08.17.: Facing the Unknown

09.17.: Bhutan’s Reincarnated Rimpoche – Meet Again?

09.17.: The Power of Words

10.17.: The Hip, The Trip, and the Laundromat in Boulder, Colorado

10.17.: Three Wheels Through The Fog Of Another Universe

11.17.: Dogsleds and Elephants

11.17.: The Bookseller of Budapest

12.17.: You Don’t Know But Life Really Is A River

12.17.: On The Road And Nothing To Lose

01.18.: The Bibliophile of Bordeaux Wine Country

02.18.: The Thinness Of Reality

03.18.: Colorful Days In A Ravaged Land … from Roundwood Press

05.18.: Alpha Go, Paro

05.18.: Sex and Drugs from Other Angles

06.18.: Hearing More Of The Past

07.18.: Are These Superimpositions, Or Are They Reality?

08.18.: Saving A Book Via Road Trip To New Mexico

09.18.: Why Getting Away Leads To Getting Clearer

11.18.: How To Succeed With Many Endeavors

12.18.: All Is Changing, Rapidly

01.19.: The World Is Not Burning

01.19.: Books and Bizarreness – Strange Coincidences In Malawi

03.19.: More Strangely Simple Rules Of Life

04.19.: A Few Keys To Manage Anything

05.19.: Artists To The Moon And How Railroads Altered Time

07.19.: Managing Without Hassle

08.19.: Writers, Booze & Czech Mate

08.19.: August Insights And Lessons About Life

09.19.: Running Toward Enlightenment?

10.19.: No Sense of Direction

10.19.: Why Is Airport Security Frozen In Time?

11.19.: Geography As Mentor

12.19.: Wise Words From Writers

12.19.: Time, The Universe, Reality, And Two Plucky Irish Fighters

01.20.: Cracks In The Fabric Of Reality

02.20.: How AI Stole My Freedom of Expression

02.20.: Wise Words From A Nobel Prize Winner

03.20.: Captain Cook … And We Think We Have Challenges?

04.20.: Letter To A Just Married Couple

04.20.: Strolling Through A Minefield

05.20.: Mountains and Mind

06.20.: Is Artificial Intelligence Fomenting Social Unrest?

07.20.: Mr. Jones And The Pigs

09.20.: Books And Beautiful Florence

10.20.: Love As An Altered State

11.20.: Nuclear Bordeaux

12.20.: Nuclear Bordeaux Part 2 – The Narrow Gate

01.21.: Nuclear Bordeaux Part 3 – Bountiful or Bogus?

03.21.: Coastal Getaway

01.22.: Musings On Artificial Intelligence [AI]