Where Are We?

Hope all are well!

This blog has not been published in many months.

Yes, I’ve paid some attention to writing for Forbes and to the Vino Voices blog, but not here to Roundwood Press.

The main reason is that I work full time managing an infrastructure project in the Solomon Islands, northeast of Australia. With Covid, I began working remotely and continue. Soon, I’ll move there for a few months.

Flying Off

But now, books!

Several recent reads all happen to relate to historical stories in the south of England—whether Winchester (A Single Thread) or to Kingsbridge (A Column of Fire, and The Evening and The Morning) or the tidelands south of Chichester (Tidelands). These books by Tracy Chevalier, Ken Follett and Philippa Gregory are all engaging fictional reads, based on true historical events.

Historical novels set in the south of England
Another Follett—but set in the 10th and 11th centuries

Also a classic for those who enjoy Renaissance history is The Agony and The Ecstasy by Irving Stone (first published in 1961). My parents had a copy of this in our home library when we lived in County Wicklow, Ireland.

I purchased this copy in the bookstore of the museum housing Michelangelo’s David. Because it was during Covid, few other visitors were there. It is a story of the life of Michealangelo. Fascinating is the story that when Michelangelo found there was no road leading to the best marble quarries of Carrara, he went out and lived there and engineered the road and led the work crews in construction himself.

Coffee and History
Michelangelo’s David during Covid crowdless times

Another enjoyable book is a mystery by Chris Pavone set in Portugal—Two Nights In Lisbon.

Thriller set in Lisbon (and Etalon Rouge wine; am a co-owner)

Just wanted to check in. Please do check out my other sites, where I’m more active! Also, check out my Instagram sites—tjlmullen (private) and VinoVoices (public).

Enjoy the changing season!